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VOICE: Mezzo Soprano/Belt. (Eb3 -  Bb5)
EYES: Blue
HEIGHT: 5'7"
HAIR: Brown

Download resume:

  • The American Music and Dramatic Academy, NYC
  • The NY Acting for Film and Television - Mark Stolzenberg, NYC
  • Acting: Gillien Goll, Michael Perilstein, Dan Daily, Tim Corcoran
  • Musical Theatre: Phillip George, Andy Leech, Tom Morrissey
  • Voice: Andrea Covais, Marianna Vagnini, Mahlon Peterson
Special Skills
NY Accent, Southern Accent, Stage Combat, Kickboxing, Improv, Strong Mover, Basic Ballet, Yoga, Acrobatic Exercise, Bicycle Riding, Passport, Valid Driver's License


Production Experience

Stage Manager - AspenDream Productions 

Production Team/Casting Assistant/Music Coordinator - AspenDream Productions, Dinner Theater Company


AspenDream Productions
Holidays Can Kill You - Donna Machiavelli 
For Better & For Worse - Kitty Katz
Murder at the Mardi Gras - Sophia 
Mob's Murder Mystery -  Kitty Katz
I Haven’t Got A Clue - Cleavette

Hot Club Time Machine - Portia
Mind Your Business  -  Karen

JCC Drama Company
Peter Pan - Wendy

Naugatuck Theatre
A Midsummer Night's Dream - Puck
I Never Saw Another Butterfly - Raja Englanderova
Chicago - Mona Lipshitz

Awards & Achievements   

NJ WebFest 2021 Best Supporting Actress (Winner)

2016 Best CT Leading Actress (Nominated) 

Jupiter House Productions
Last Resort - Courtney
Mindescapes Origins, LLC
          Mindescapes - Scarlett
Rock Alari Studios
Asunder - Supporting
Siyu Lin, Line Productions
Don't Write Me Off - Supporting
Artists Ensemble Productions
Testimonials - Supporting
Arnie's Place, Christmas with Kayla - Soloist
Mainframe Pictures
Cobblestone Corridor - Supporting
My True Crime Story 2 - Supporting
Ghost of Christmas Always - Supporting


World Promotions, Inc.

Legacy Research - Supporting    |     203-490-7600    |
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