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Tin Wall

“Kayla Kusy is an artist and singer with my company, AspenDream Productions. This is a live entertainment production company that travels throughout New England. Kayla is respectful, knowledgeable, and most importantly always willing to go the extra mile. I do not hesitate to recommend her for any project, large or small.”​​

 - Janice Luise, Executive, Artistic Director 


“I first met Kayla Kusy when she was my student at AMDA. She impressed me then greatly, not only because of her talent, but also because of her professionalism and dedication. After she graduated, I taught her privately, and she impressed me so much that I offered her a lead role in a short film I wrote and am planning to film. I also recommended her to a producer friend for a leading role in a pilot my friend was then producing. She hired her, was thrilled by her work and her acting range, and was very grateful for the recommendation.”

 - Gillien Goll 

Design Concrete

“It was my great pleasure to teach Individual Voice to Kayla for four semesters at AMDA New York. Kayla’s voice is colorfully unique and full of beautiful, raw soul. She possesses the ability to bring honest and open characters and emotions to life with her sound. Listen to her sing and you will experience something deep within yourself; you will find your own truth in her voice.” ​

 - Andrea Covais


“Working with Kayla was a great experience.  She helped on crew while also acting and organizing production days.  I highly recommend her and look forward to working with her again on upcoming projects”.

 - Brian Spectre, Atlantian Film Director

Tin Wall

“Genuine and gentle. Good energy and time management. She has the skills and knowledge to further herself in this career and has a keen sense of storytelling.”


 - Ashley Velleco


“Kayla Kusy has worked for me on numerous occasions. Her bubbly personality, gentle nature and extraordinary talent has truly been enjoyed and appreciated by many. Whenever Kayla is entertaining at a wedding, fundraiser, nightclub or social gathering she always captivates her listeners. She sings from her heart and is incredibly passionate about her music. Whatever Kayla is singing, she has always proved to be an accomplished vocalist and truly a favorite amongst all ages. Kayla always leaves her audience wanting more!”

 - Heather Haney

Tin Wall

“Kayla is a wonderful person to work with. One of my best clients! She is meant to be behind the camera.”

 - Vilkas Valkiunas

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